My Hero’s Journey

I am a hero on a hero’s journey, a journey to find myself. My love for Greek mythology (and fiction that springs from it) knows no bounds. One thing Greek mythology is famous for is its abundance of heroes. I have begun to consider myself a hero because I can see myself as a Hercules, an Odysseus, and even more modern, a Percy Jackson. One thing in common with all these heroes is that they all had glamourous lives; lives involving gruesome battles and sinister enemies, magic potions and fair maidens. My journey is nothing as glamourous, it’s humble and modest.

My call to adventure arrived via an email. A very simple one. It stated my admission into African Leadership Academy. I was ecstatic for two reasons, one, I had no other options left, I probably would have bummed around for a year if I was not at ALA, two, I had begun to research on ALA, and I had fallen in love. Its vision had given me a reason to live, a greater purpose to devote to. And so, come September 2013, I was on a flight to South Africa, ready to begin this hero’s journey to discover myself.

Nowadays, people my age seem to have planned their lives out to the very second! Even more so at ALA. I used to be one of those people, I was going to go to college, study aeronautic engineering, and learn the ropes in America, then come back to Nigeria to establish a currently non-existent aeronautics industry. Now, the only thing I’m certain about my future is that I have classes tomorrow!

Joseph Campbell believes in a monomyth, meaning that every hero follows the same archetype. This archetype has seventeen stages, thankfully, I’m still on stage five, so there’s a lot more of my journey to go. Stage five is called the ‘Belly of the Whale’, it “represents the final separation from the hero’s known world and self. By entering this stage, the person shows their willingness to undergo a metamorphosis” ( The ‘Belly of the Whale’ applies to me because I have finally decided to open my mind in terms of my future. Aeronautic engineering is still an option, but politics is as well, and so is economics and law, and the list goes on. I’ve never been more excited. So onward I go, the hero’s journey is never easy.


This is my English essay, I have been thinking of what to write as my first post. I couldn’t think of anything so I posted something I’ve already written.


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