on to the next one…

As this month draws to a close, I’m thinking ahead. Out with the old, on with the new. Backward never, forward ever, and all other positive thinking mantra. To be very honest, the only reason why I’m looking forward to the month of February is because…

“Tonight’s my birthday”

Actually, it’s not really. Not for another 21 days (for those of you that don’t want to do the maths, it’s the 19th of February).

I will be 17 in three weeks (for every ALA student thinking “You’re so young”, remember that age is but a number). Turning 17 is important to me because it is a reminder that I’m still growing. I’m not at the age where I’m supposed to know it all, or even pretend like I do, I’m allowed to make mistakes. I will always remember the moment when my father told me, “No matter what you do, whatever mistakes you make, I will always love you.” It was important to me because it had always been a worry for me, that my actions would cause my family to look at me in another light, to be ashamed of me, to see me as a different person other than the little boy they all watched grow. 

17 is an important age because it is right between 16 and 18, two way more ‘famous’ ages. Between 16 and 18, a lot of change is supposed to happen, change that I am anxiously anticipating. 17 is humble, it stands in the back singing “Ahhhhh… Ooooo” while 16 and 18 are in center stage, spotlight worthy. 17 is ‘lowkey’, not much is expected of it, it’s like the student no one notices till he/she is in the yearbook. 17 is an exploration year, which fits right in with my plans right now (which is nothing). I want to explore and discover myself this year, building up myself so that I will be ready to be 18, when everyone expects you to be serious, more ‘adulty’ and have a clear vision of your life.

I love my journey so far, and I know it’s only going to get better, more exciting and more fun. As a 17 year old, I will accomplish much more than I ever have, I just know it, and thanks to everyone who’s going to help me along the way.


For all you enthusiastic givers out there, (give and it shall be given unto you Luke 6:38) I just want money and food for my birthday

Mummy, Daddy, Tonye and Michael, call/whatsapp/text/email me, let’s talk about presents 😀 if you want to of course (i love you)

1040 Printech Avenue, Honeydew, Johannesburg, South Africa.

P.S post code, 2040.

P.P.S i LOVE surprises good surprises.


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