Meeting new people is the best thing ever (inspired by YYGS [Google it])

I’m not one for favourites (Yes Americans, it’s a ‘u’. I’m not writing the SATs for a few months, I’m not bound to your rules) and so I’m not one to say a particular experience has been the “best of my life”, but the past two weeks have been wonderful. I should provide useful context for the people I don’t constantly text with the details of my life. I spent the last two weeks at Jonathan Edwards College at the Yale University participating in the Yale Young Global Scholars Program (YYGS, yes, I know you didn’t Google it). I would never forget these past two weeks and the people I met here.

This brings me to my topic of the day 

“Meeting new people is the best thing ever”

Meeting new people excites me, especially when it’s people from across the world. You find like-minded people and you are satisfied because with a sigh of relief, you think to yourself, “Finally, someone who understands it the way I do.” And it could be on so many topics. Someone from Argentina could agree with your stance on gun control rights but disagree with you on abortion, but the Mexican kid gets it.

And the arguments. Oh my goodness, the arguments. This is a very biased statement. As someone who loooooooves to argue, I am very much pro-arguing. Unless the person isn’t making sense. Then they need to stop. You can’t make up facts, or not acknowledge truth (*cough* Abishek *cough*). Arguing with new people is a great way to start friendships. Unless the argument gets too heated. Then you’re probably not going to be friends with the person.

Here’s a list of argument topics I’ll suggest for occasions where you are meeting someone for the first time:

  • How bad was the old Spiderman movie series?
  • Does Tobey Maguire suck badly, or really badly?
  • The role of the Internet in society today

or anything in that vein.

Here are things you never argue with someone after meeting them for the first time:

  • LGBT rights
  • Abortion
  • Religion
  • Gun rights
  • Israel and Palestine

No matter what your stance is on those topics, NEVER discuss these things with people you just met for the first time (and sometimes people you’ve known for a while too).

So that’s arguments. Also, meeting new people is incredible because of the bonds formed. After just two weeks, the bonds and relationships I made at Yale are incredibly strong. People you didn’t know a few weeks ago start making you wonder how you’ll cope without them. It’s tough to deal with. You have to start relying on social media to keep in touch. But when you know those friendships you made are for real, it’s all worth it.

(To my YYGS people) I’ll miss you all, and I’ll keep all the memories. (Seriously, I’m laughing at some of them as I write this. Who remembers the day James decided we dress up all formal and try to get Insomnia cookies?)

Till we meet again (because I’m not done with you lot. Not even close. You thought you got rid of me? When you get up on stage to do anything, I’ll be there standing up clapping.)


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