Hollywood, how could you?

Hello imaginary readers,

I apologise for waiting so long to post, it’s just, I don’t really get inspired that often (lies, I do. I just get overwhelmed by a wave of laziness anytime it comes across my mind to blog. Besides, you’re imaginary, I didn’t think you would mind so much).

This term, my school is kicking off the year with seminal readings. This means the whole school community meets in small groups to discuss different readings around a central themes (more or less). For my year group, the theme for this term is “The Good Society” (or something like that). The first reading we were assigned was ‘The Giver’. ‘The Giver’ is an incredible book, I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I enjoyed the book so much that I finished it ahead of schedule. So with a lot of free time, I thought to myself, why not watch the movie. Big mistake. Oh my.

Hollywood, it is time for us to have a discussion. Now, as a fellow capitalist (don’t judge me), I understand the need to amass wealth by (in your case) pouring out tons of movies. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re…… ehn. However, when one of your cronies thinks, “Hmmm, (insert very good book here) would make for a good movie and in turn, make us a lot of money”, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COMPLETELY WRECK IT.

I mean, the job is much easier for you. You don’t even have to make up the plot, just assign lines in a script. Then do all your directing things and voila, you have a movie. But noooooooo, obviously, you believe the original just isn’t good enough and you have to put your greedy little capitalist hands all over the story and mess it up. (spoiler alert, if you think you might want to watch The Giver, skip to the next paragraph). HOW COULD YOU TURN THE GIVER INTO A LOVE STORY? HOW COULD YOU? You made Asher serious. You turned him into a drone pilot, TO FIT YOUR TWISTED PLOT. You changed Jonas’ number, FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. You changed Fiona’s assignment, TO FIT YOUR TWISTED PLOT. You made Lily a year older, FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. You changed how the Chief Elder worked. You…. I’m not going to get myself into a frenzy. But if you changed so much, why even call it ‘The Giver’. You could steal the main idea and just rework to make a new movie. We all know that’s what you do most of the time anyways. That’s why I don’t understand why you’ll have an original story and still mess it up. Do you not value the essence of stories?

I hope you have children. I hope they grow up to read ‘The Giver’. I hope they watch your ‘rendition’ of it. I hope they come up to you, teary-eyed, disappointment written all over their faces and ask, “Why did you do it? Why did you kill ‘The Giver’? Because you did kill it. YOU ARE A MURDERER. What good is the justice system for situations such as this. Who is going to hold you accountable?

Between the last paragraph and this one, no one stepped up for the job, so as the self appointed judge, I declare you guilty. I sentence you to your millions billions, your fame, your…… So yeah, I can’t really do much to hurt you, which is not fair because you’ve caused me so much pain. But please, I beg of you with my hearts of hearts, let it stop. Please.