Let’s talk about slavery real quick

“Real Quick” as in this post will not be long. By not long I mean shorter than my usual posts. Maybe this is the way I get to post more, by posting shorter pieces so it’s easier to write. (Nah, if you’ve been here awhile you know that I know that we both know that length isn’t the reason why I post so infrequently). So yes, this short post is about slavery. See, in this age, its becoming very common for people to go, “why do we need to talk about slavery? It happened so long ago…” even though they have no problems discussing Christopher “Kill Natives, Get Gold” Columbus and George “Wooden Teeth” Washington (Were his teeth actually wooden, I remember seeing it on Fairly Odd Parents but I don’t really know) who BOTH died before slavery was outlawed in America. I’m also tired of hearing people say, “Well Africans sold Africans so it wasn’t our fault.” So I’m going to talk about it (in a short post remember) because it irks me. Africans did sell Africans but that doesn’t tell the full story. Many slaves were captives of wars by African tribes on other tribes. These African tribes had no allegiance to one another. It wasn’t like people were selling their brothers. They were selling their enemies. In that day and age, that was okay. And so was slavery. Slavery was okay. Slavery had existed in many forms for centuries in Europe and Africa. So the big problem isn’t the fact that there was slavery, it was how those slaves were treated. If you research on how Africans treated the slaves they kept and then compare it to how Europeans and Arabs treated their African slaves, then you’ll understand the uproar. Many African slaves worked just like free men and women, they had easier paths to freedom and were just generally treated like they were, you know, people. On the other hand, slaves in the Americas were hugely mistreated. Mostly because of racist ideology. White people didn’t think black people were their equals and didn’t deserve to be treated as such. The thing about the past is it leads to the present. Those events had a huge impact on black communities in the Americas and in Africa. That’s why slavery shouldn’t be forgotten. That’s why slavery shouldn’t be treated as just something that happened. White ancestors enriched themselves using free labor and built great companies and amassed incredible wealth because of slavery. Now I’m not citing anything I’ve said because this is my online blog and I’m not a teacher. You’re not paying me. WordPress isn’t paying me. Go Google (or Bing if that’s your vibe). I’m also not citing because it is 3am. I can promise you that I’m not making stuff up and I did read about these stuff in books by people who did extensive research. So fellow users of the Internet, I don’t want to see anymore “Dude, slavery wasn’t even that bad..” “It’s the 21st century, let it go bro…” “Well Africans sold Africans so it wasn’t our fault…” I don’t need any of that. Not in 2016. Bye.


Life updates

The New York City subway is disgusting. The New York City subway is intriguing. It is both at the same time and you realise this because two American rats (and you know they are American because they have a GDP per capita ten times as much as Nigerian rats and more and more American rats are looking obese, and definitely wear size L or XL shirts) are feasting on the tracks. It is intriguing because you wonder if what happens to them when the train arrives, do they make it in time to the sides? Or do they hide under the tracks? It is disgusting because, well, they are rats.